For Professional License Disciplinary Defense, Contact A Skilled Trial Lawyer

If you have been charged with certain crimes and hold one of various types of professional licenses, you should be aware that a conviction in a criminal court may put your professional license at risk. When you contact a criminal defense attorney after an arrest or during a criminal investigation, be sure to discuss all professional licenses with that lawyer. The hazard to your licensure may help determine the defense strategy that you and your attorney will agree on.

Watch Out For Negative Consequences Of A Criminal Conviction On Your License Or Certification

If you are convicted, you likely have an obligation to your professional licensing board to report that conviction. Further sanctions may come from the licensing authority after you report the convictions.

Professional licenses that may be affected by criminal convictions include licenses for:

  • Physicians
  • Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Marriage and Family Counselors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Financial Planners

Special circumstances apply to certain types of licenses and certain types of criminal convictions. Some negative consequences may come from government authorities; others may come from your professional licensing board.

Do not assume that a criminal matter is irrelevant in your licensure case before consulting with an attorney.

For example, a traffic violation citation that results in a “guilty” plea or verdict will affect your commercial driver’s license (CDL). Talk to an attorney about any criminal charges or conviction if you hold any license or certification (even if it is a masseuse’s license, a hair stylist’s license or a dog grooming certification).

Professional Licensing Disciplinary Actions May Not Be Criminal But They Can Put Your Career At Risk

Disciplinary proceedings from professional organizations that oversee professional licenses are not criminal court matters but the stakes are high. The suspension or revocation of your professional license can change your life drastically. You may be barred temporarily or permanently from practicing your profession that you have trained hard for and have perhaps practiced for years.

Ask About Any Legal Troubles Or Professional Liability Issues

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