Establishing Parentage in California

The first step to establish a Child Custody and Support is to file a Petition to Establish Parentage.  Using Form Fl 200, a father or mother may file the petition to begin the process toward establishing a custody schedule and payment of support for the minor child.  It is important to have a court of law legally recognize the parents of a child, so that orders may be made concerning the welfare of the child.

There are numerous legal rights and privileges that can be enforced after having a court determine the parents of a child:

  • Financial support from both parents
  • Legal documentation identifying the child’s parents
  • Mother and Father’s names on the child’s birth certificate
  • Being listed on and access to family medical records and history
  • Health and life insurance coverage
  • Inheritance rights
  • Social security and Veteran’s benefits

When parents of a child (already born or soon to be born) are not married to each other, there are compelling reasons to determine the parentage legally.

  • From the perspective of the child’s best interests, determination of parentage can be important for establishing and knowing his or her true identity. Determination of paternity can be important in case congenital health issues become an issue — such as if the child someday needs a bone marrow transplant. Knowing with certainty who the father is can open the door to acquaintance with extended family members on the paternal side. The child may also qualify for benefits such as the right to be covered under the father’s health insurance and the right to inherit.
  • The mother may seek child support of her own volition or she may be compelled to determine the child’s paternity if she applies for government assistance.
  • The father may seek parental rights, including his father’s rights to custody and visitation.
  • Alternatively, a man who is suspected of being the father may seek a paternity case to verify that he is not the father, to avoid child support and ongoing complications.
  • A stepparent adoption or any private adoption may make a paternity action necessary before termination of the father’s parental rights.

In any scenario, complications may arise if either parent does not want to cooperate. I am Family law attorney Bradley S. Sandler. I can help you resolve your paternity matter, regardless of your purpose and regardless of whether the other parent is cooperative.

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation has assisted many parents through the process of establishing paternity by:

  • Obtaining statements from the father asserting his relationship to the child
  • Pursuing DNA testing

When there is resistance from either parent, I can bring petitions before a court to compel completion of DNA testing.

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