Temporary Restraining Orders-Ex Parte TRO's

Beverly Hills Temporary Restraining Lawyer fights for Victims of Domestic Violence and those Wrongfully Accused

Domestic Violence restraining orders being either with an EPO or "emergency protective order" if there is Police involvement or by filing an Ex Parte application for a TRO or "temporary restraining order" with the Court. The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler is seasoned and experienced restraining order counsel and can assist in obtaining a TRO or responding to a TRO if you have been served with one. A TRO can have a significant impact on your life and a court will make orders regarding the following amongst other orders, if they are a part of your case.

  • Child Custody and Support orders
  • Spousal Support orders
  • Stay Away Provisions from home, work, school or other locations
  • Use of the residence, Vehicles or other property
  • Payment of bills or expenses
  • Reimbursement of attorneys
  • Orders to turn in Weapons
  • Stop Texting, emailing or calling Orders
  • Miscellaneous conduct orders that apply to your case

Assistance with Filing for Ex Parte TRO Relief

Seeking an Ex Parte TRO is a legal procedure that must be done correctly. We can assist in the evaluation of the facts to see the likelihood of a TRO being granted, and ultimately the Permanent Restraining Order. I can also represent you in the Criminal Court if you have been charged with a crime. The impact of a Domestic Violence criminal case or conviction can have a significant impact on custody, support and use of the residence.

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation has assisted many parents and individuals in filing or responding to a TRO. Moreover, Attorney Sandler has beaten numerous Dometsic Violence criminal cases before or at Trial. Very few Family attorneys can say that.Call 310-246-3900 or contact me at Bradley@sandlerlawfirm.com to schedule a consultation at my Beverly Hills office.

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