Tips for Holiday Time as a Co-Parent

Wed 13th December, 2023 Family Law

Holidays can truly be the best and worst of times. Parents strive to create happy, safe, joyous memories for their kids. However, the holiday season can be unbelievably tricky to navigate if you are newly divorced or still in the midst of a pending divorce or custody proceeding. For families […]

Military Service and Divorce

Wed 23rd August, 2023 General

U.S. Federal law has developed to protect military members in various ways. One way that those who are actively serving our country benefit from the law is by receiving special protections in divorce and custody proceedings. These special protections can affect the timelines and handling of divorce and child custody […]

Protecting Yourself Against Domestic Violence

Fri 4th August, 2023 Family Law

Domestic violence, or abuse from a partner, happens everywhere across this country (and across the world) every day. No abuse should be taken lightly, and if you feel you may be in danger, there are many resources designed to help and protect you. The idea of taking action to protect […]