Is Your Spouse Hiding Assets in the Divorce?

Fri 17th May, 2024 Family Law

Divorce can be both emotionally AND financially draining. While we may not be able to advise on the emotional consequences of divorce, any divorce attorney could tell you that actions you take early on to protect yourself matter. Divorce in California usually means that community property rules of division to […]

Restraining Orders in California: The Evidence You Need

Fri 17th May, 2024 Family Law

Emergency services and resources are a first line of defense if you find yourself in immediate or imminent danger. Resources are available to victims of abuse, and legal protections such as restraining orders can be vital in bringing abused persons out of volatile situations. One valuable resource is listed in […]

Tips for Holiday Time as a Co-Parent

Wed 13th December, 2023 Family Law

Holidays can truly be the best and worst of times. Parents strive to create happy, safe, joyous memories for their kids. However, the holiday season can be unbelievably tricky to navigate if you are newly divorced or still in the midst of a pending divorce or custody proceeding. For families […]