Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Counsel With Federal and State Jury Trial Experience Tenaciously Pursues Justice in Each Matter

Bradley S. Sandler, Esq., located in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, serving the Los Angeles area. Attorney Bradley S. Sandler is dedicated to handling all state crimes and federal criminal matters from intake, through trial and on to appeal, if necessary. All of us at this firm are devoted to providing excellent client service guided by the professionalism and attention to detail necessary to obtain results.

If you are faced with any of the following scenarios, you should call Bradley S. Sandler, an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Beverly Hills.

If You Have Been Arrested Or Contacted By Federal Or State Law Enforcement

Client consultation and intake begins informally over the phone. A member of the staff will initially determine the date and time of arrest, any bail issues, first or next court date and the nature of the charges.

Additionally, our staff will inquire of past criminal history to determine if any charge or sentence enhancements or bail increases may apply to your case. After a brief introduction, you may schedule an office consultation or consultation at a convenient location to discuss hiring the firm, fees and affordable payment plans. We accept all major credit cards and are willing to work out financial arrangements.

If You Or A Loved One Has Already Been Taken Into Custody

We work specifically with respected bail bond professionals. Because of the firm’s relationship with various bail bond professionals, who play a key role in drafting O.R. (Own Recognizance) reports, Penal Code 1275 documents, federal bail reports for bail sources and federal bonds, we are able to assist clients in the bail process.

Additionally, bail bond professionals are often able to lighten the burden of collateral with alternatives. There are often reasonable and affordable bail payment plans to ensure release from custody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. If you have a no bail hold, bail for an existing warrant or a Penal Code 1275 hold or are in need of a bail reduction, you should contact us for an immediate bail review and assessment.

If You Are Facing A Federal Or State Court Appearance Or Hearing

From arraignment until jury verdict, I will appear on your behalf in all court proceedings. Oftentimes, when you hire a firm, the lawyer you hire does not appear in the case. Unless engaged in trial or ordered by the court to not be engaged somewhere else, I will appear and handle each appearance personally.

State misdemeanor cases begin at the arraignment where a guilty or not guilty plea is entered. Upon entering a not guilty plea, the matter will be scheduled for a pretrial hearing to discuss case settlement or if not, to set motion hearing and trial dates.

Felony cases begin at arraignment where a guilty or not guilty plea is entered. Upon entering a not guilty plea, the court will set a preliminary hearing or probable cause hearing.

Subsequently, the case will be dismissed or an arraignment in the Superior Court will occur and trial within 60 days thereafter. During the 60-day period, motions and discovery takes place leading up to resolution of the case with a plea bargain or trial. Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor(s) or felony(ies), it is imperative to have competent counsel at each and every hearing and at each stage of the case.

Federal cases have a different procedure and timeline. Whether by voluntary surrender or after arrest and detention, federal felony and misdemeanor cases have unique bail proceedings and pretrial procedures that should be handled by experienced federal criminal defense counsel. Bradley S. Sandler has federal jury trial to verdict experience.

I will handle and appear at the following hearings, including but not limited to, arraignment, pretrial, motions under Penal Code sections 1538.5, 995, In Limine motions under evidence sections 402, 403, 352, Aranda-Bruton motions, confidential informant motions, discovery and Pitchess motions, jury selection and all stages of trial, sentencing hearing and all oral argument on appeal.

Many of the motions in federal and state courts are similar. Our firm handles both misdemeanor and felony criminal defense motions.

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