Enforcing Family Law Court Orders And Other Civil Judgments

When you took your family law matter before a judge and obtained a court order concerning child custody, child visitation, and child support, the court expected you and your ex-spouse or partner to fulfill the terms. If your divorce decree included an order for spousal support, the same is true. You and the other parent or your former husband or wife are both responsible for following through with the court order.

Child Custody And Child Support Enforcement — Spousal Support Enforcement

So what can you do if your child’s other parent refuses to comply with the custody and visitation order? What if he or she is routinely late paying child support or spousal support, or skips entire months? Perhaps he or she has stopped paying altogether. In any of the situations, he is in contempt of the court. You need an experienced lawyer on your side to take legal action to enforce the court order. The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation in Los Angeles can provide the counsel and representation that can bring you relief.

Your ex-spouse may be in contempt of court if he or she failed to comply with a court order such as:

  • Sell the marital home or other property within one year and divide the proceeds between the two ex-spouses
  • Pay certain debts
  • Turn over certain personal property to you

To discuss your options for enforcing a court order from your marital dissolution, custody and visitation case, or any family law matter, contact an astute family law attorney. I am divorce lawyer Bradley S. Sandler, and I have ample experience bringing legal action for the purpose of enforcing a court order.

I can also help if you are paying spousal support and have reason to believe your ex-spouse is no longer eligible because of remarriage, cohabitation or any other reason.

Other Civil Judgments

You may have filed a lawsuit against a neighbor, a business or anyone who owed you money and did not pay, promised you services, and did not deliver or was obligated to give something to you or perform a service for you and did not comply. A California judge may have ruled in your favor and ordered the other party to pay or comply but the other party has failed to follow through.

Do Not Give Up If Someone Has Not Paid You Or Delivered Services As Ordered By A Court — Take Action Now

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