Divorce and Family Law Mediation Services in Beverly Hills

Couples about to Divorce are often concerned about the impact time, expense and stress will have on them and their families. Many couples divorcing today want to avoid these traditional pitfalls of the divorce process, and decide to take matters into their own hands. With the help of a neutral attorney, called a Mediator, individuals about to divorce can consult a neutral third party that is independent unlike a hired attorney. A Mediator can help the parties reach an agreement regarding all of the issues in their divorce including, custody, support, division of property and division of assets and debts. The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation assists couples who want to mediate their divorce. We have experience in numerous mediation’s for our clients, and have acted as a mediator as well.

Divorce Mediation-Cost Effective and Quicker Resolution

For 24 years, I have practiced Family law. My extensive background in marital dissolution and knowledge of law, allows me to Mediate for couples about to divorce and during the process. Common reasons why couples choose Divorce Mediation include:

  • Less Expensive
  • Hiring only 1 lawyer
  • Mediators are neutral and independent
  • Mediation takes less time than an adversarial Divorce
  • Certainty and control of results
  • Amicable and not adversarial
  • Confidential

Divorce Mediation Basics and Family Law Forms

Mediation is a great start for all couples. A Mediator will meet initially with the husband and wife together to go over the costs and process. At the meeting they will go over the Family Law Court forms such as the Divorce Petition form Fl 100, the UCCJEA Declaration Fl 105 for the children’s residence information and Divorce response form called the Fl 120. The Mediator will explain the Income and Expense declaration Fl 150 and Fl 142 and get an idea of the issues. After you return the filled out forms to the Mediator, he or she will begin to help you reach an agreement The Mediator will assist you with the filing of the Divorce Petition and Agreement with the Court to finalize your divorce.

Get Answers About Divorce Mediation

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