Make a Plan with Experienced Divorce Counsel 

Any major decision in life requires careful thought and planning. The same is true when considering to file for Divorce. A knowledgeable Lawyer can keep you grounded as you make plans that may affect you and your children (if there are children) for years to come. Five key areas that deserve close attention — as soon as you’re thinking of divorce — include:

  • Spousal support: If you are financially dependent on your husband or wife, you may need to request spousal support either temporarily during the period leading up to a divorce, long-term after the divorce, or both. Get ready to make a strong case for your need for support and your spouse’s ability to pay. Gather pay stubs, home expense records, and evidence of your spouse’s income. (If the reverse is true and you expect your wife or husband to ask for support, talk to an attorney about how to protect yourself financially).
  • Child custody and support: If you and your spouse are parenting children together, their welfare is naturally on your mind. Your parental rights are worth all your efforts to protect. A divorce or separation will mean you will need a custody and support order.

A temporary custody order starting from the date of your separation can protect you and your children from unexpected hurdles such as the other parent suddenly taking them out of town without your knowledge. A long-term custody order will be part of your divorce decree.

Start now to document your parenting involvement so you will be ready to make a strong case for maximum parenting time. Financial records can help establish your need for child support — or your limited ability to pay more than a reasonable amount of child support.

    • Property division: A detailed inventory of your and your spouse’s assets is the first step toward a negotiated settlement or property division by decree. The valuation of this property is the next step. Talk to your family law attorney about how to arrive at a fair estimated value of your real estate, retirement funds, household goods, collectibles and other assets to be divided in your California dissolution of marriage.
    • Division of debts: You and your spouse may agree on who will pay which debts but creditors can come after both of you. This is why it is important to get a divorce decree with teeth in it and a plan for enforcement if your spouse does not pay as stipulated. Planning in this area will mean gathering all detailed information about debts owed, payment schedules and creditors’ contact information.
    • Overall strategy: It is one thing to know what your divorce will entail and quite another to know how to make it all happen as efficiently and cost-effectively as you can. Your divorce lawyer and you should discuss the unique factors in your case such as your spouse’s level of cooperation and your highest priorities.
      • Can you and your husband or wife achieve a divorce inexpensively through a summary dissolution?
      • Will your spouse cooperate in settlement negotiations?

Talk over these and other critical issues as you and your attorney put a workable plan of action in place.  Divorce can be difficult, but it does not have to be a mystery or unpredictable.  Let a Beverly Hills Divorce lawyer with 22 years of experience help map out a tailored plan to your situation.

Talk To A Lawyer About These 5 Essential Divorce Planning Issues And More

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