Division of Business Interests in Divorce

How to Characterize, Value and Divide a Business During Divorce

When you are in the midst of divorce, the financial issues that result from dividing a business can be intricate and complicated. Tracing the history of a business's transactions and its relationship to your divorce, requires experienced counsel. Forensic Accountants sometimes assist in the analysis of a business for purposes of divorce. Tracing the interest in a business and the origin of a businesses financial history is challenging. Focus is primarily on the history of a business to determine the related interests of the spouses in the divorce. The methods for evaluating the financial business interests usually rely on the following:

  • Characterization of the Business as Community Property vs. Separate Property
  • Transmutations-was there a change in the characterization of a business due to a contract or agreement?
  • When did the Business begin and how was it funded, did either or both spouses contribute to the funding, daily affairs or management of the business
  • Van Camp, Pereira and different methods to determine the value of a business
  • How to determine the Value of a business, cash flow, assets, debts and lease interests

Family Counsel has Unique Experience with Start-Ups, Family Businesses and Real Estate Businesses

In 1996, Mr. Sandler began an Internet Commerce business and oversaw a Reg D 504 Stock Offering. Since then, as a lawyer, Mr. Sandler has counseled countless businesses, including Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Lawyers, Entertainment Companies, Apparel Manufacturers and Designers, Real Estate LLC's and Partnerships, Financial Firms, Internet Businesses, Restaurants, Retail Stores and a variety of other business entities and organizations. This is an opportunity to use Mr.Sandler's legal knowledge and advocacy skills to your advantage. For Family law client's, we offer business operations services having formed and counseled countless businesses. The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler offer's business litigation services for its Family law client's who have business interests to protect. Bradley S. Sandler has business trial experience, and has defended a business appeal successfully before the California Second Appellate District, after Oral argument.

It is Critical to Handle ongoing Business Operations Correctly, including accounting for the financial Details and Data accurately 

Please call today for a consultation to discuss your business operations and how your business will likely be divided during a divorce. Call the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation Call 310-246-3900 or contact me at Bradley@sandlerlawfirm.com to schedule a consultation at my Beverly Hills office. 

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