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Apart from the Family Residence or a Business, Retirement Plans, Investment Accounts, Stock Options, and 401 K plan issues are the most concerning form Family Law Client’s. There are different laws regarding the characterization of particular assets, depending on when they began accruing and how they were managed. Another common concern is the ability to use any of these funds during the pendency of the divorce or separation and how any tax consequences may effect both the party withdrawing the funds and the party who does not. At the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler, we pay particular attention to the details of the financial matters on behalf of our client’s and have extensive experience with complicated financial matters.

Important Considerations Regarding the Division of Retirement Plans, Pensions and 401 K’s

Understanding how the division of Retirement Plans, Pensions, 401 K’s, IRA Accounts, Investment accounts, Stock Options and related savings plans provided for by employers in the context of a Divorce can be complicated. There are many recurring issues that arise during a divorce or separation. For many individuals going through a divorce, they typically have questions about their financial accounts:

  • How do you determine the Community interest in a particular plan, asset or account?
  • Are there any rules regarding withdrawal of funds during the pendency of the divorce, if I need the money to pay for the necessities of life? Will I have to petition the Court to seek approval prior to being able to access my funds?
  • What is an actuary and how can they help determine my interest in a particular retirement plan or pension plan?
  • Do you always need a QDRO or “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” and how much do they typically cost?

We Thoroughly Examine the Details when Your Life Savings is on the Line — protect your Future

At the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler, we have 24 years of experience counsel clients of every financial background and situation. We realize that your financial future is uniquely yours and our client’s ae treated with respect, courtesy, and confidentiality when it comes to safeguarding your information. I can assist you in examining the nature and character of an account, whether it is community property, separate property or a mixture of both. We can also discuss financial issues related to compensation packages, stock options or payments expected in the future, and how those transactions will be treated.

Executive Compensation, Stock Options, and Vested Stock Plans

For High Net Worth Divorce and Complex Divorce issues, executive compensation packages which include Company Stock Options are quite common.  There are significant differences in Stock Plans, prices for options and tax implications upon liquidation for purposes of a Divorce settlement or Court order.  Bradley S. Sandler has extensive knowledge with complicated Stock Option Plans and tax issues, to guide you through the transfer and liquidation of those assets upon Divorce.

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