Trust and Estate Litigation for Individuals and Families

Disagreements are commonplace during the administration of a trust or probate estate, specifically when family members do not believe their share of property or money was enough. These contentious differences will arise between fiduciaries, trustees, beneficiaries, or third parties who believe they have an interest in assets being divided.

I am attorney Bradley S. Sandler, offering comprehensive trust and estate litigation in Beverly Hills. From 850 Heggstad petitions to zealous representation of heirs in trust litigation, I bring 20 years of family law practice into every trust and estate hearing. My goal is fostering supportive relationships between clients and all parties involved with estates and trusts in Beverly Hills. Though my years of law practice, I am able to offer competitive litigation in these areas:

Probate Code 850

If someone you love passed away, but was the settlor of his or her own trust, Probate Code 850 would be used to convey property and assets into a revocable trust. As individuals who control trusts are only responsible for assets placed into the trust, people who pass away but have assets that have not been placed into the trust may risk losing them.

To cure potential defects, successors in trust may file an 850 petition to transfer assets into the estate for distribution or safekeeping. As your Beverly Hills trust and estate lawyer, my job is to include all assets that clients believe belong to the decedent’s estate. When litigating this petition, an often-cited law known as Estate of Heggstad is used to make the request.

Courts may require that all conditions of Heggstad are met prior to granting the petition.

Trust Litigation

Fiduciaries, third-parties, families, individual and group beneficiaries, and other organizations may require some level of trust litigation in Beverly Hills to fulfill personal or family goals. It is my job to zealously represent those who seek clarification of trusts in which they are involved, help people form trusts or perform any number of functions related to estates, including:

  • Litigation of accounting and distribution of estates and trusts
  • Handling matters related to breach of fiduciary duty, such as lack of suitability and failing to diversify investments.
  • Disputes relating to business interests owned by trusts, including minority shareholder disputes
  • Charitable remainder and dynasty trust disputes
  • Modification of jargon placed in estates and trusts
  • Helping clients determine all heirs of the estate
  • Fighting the validity of questionable wills, which may include undue influence and lack of capacity
  • Lifetime transfer disputes
  • and many other complex situations that arise during the formation of trusts and estates, or during the division of assets between heirs.

Like most formal court proceedings, litigating trusts presents unique challenges for all parties involved. I will work hard to mitigate any issues that arise during your trust or estate hearing. 

Trust Administration Disputes

Most trust disputes arise when people directly involved with estates or trusts are not properly informed, or simply do not understand the language placed in wills. My job as your trust and estate lawyers is to simplify the language so everyone understands his or her roles, endowments, and responsibilities.

There are several ways disputes can be handled legally:

  • Traditional litigation, common when parties feel trust is breached or complexities are too deep to hash out conversationally.
  • Alternative dispute resolution, which may employ third-parties or more simplified tactics such as mediation or arbitration.

Regardless of what style of trust and estate litigation is employed, Bradley S. Sandler has demonstrated his ability to amicably resolve disputes over his 20-year tenure in law.

Contact a Trusted Beverly Hills Trust and Estate Lawyer

Litigating trusts and estates is often the only remedy left when civility is no longer feasible. Working hard to make sure clients are treated justly, and represented comprehensively, is my job in all trust and estate matters. Contact me, Bradley, at 310-246-3900 or send an e-mail to to schedule a consultation at my Beverly Hills law office.