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Resolving Business And Real Estate Disputes

I am attorney Bradley S. Sandler, a Beverly Hills Family lawyer, handling a variety of civil law matters for our Family clients. I have handled disputes in a wide array of business situations as described below. Additionally, Businesses in the Los Angeles metro area and beyond are welcome to contact the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation for counsel and representation in any business-related dispute or concern.

Below is a list of the most common business litigation matters handled by the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler, A Professional Corporation:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes and litigation
  • Federal Trademark litigation matters
  • Employment law and litigation
  • Federal and State labor board complaints
  • Contract litigation
  • Defense of businesses for personal injury and premises liability
  • Commercial civil litigation

My law firm is also a resource for family law clients and parties to real estate litigation involving:

  • Commercial and residential evictions
  • Zoning and permits
  • Quiet Title
  • Lis Pendens issues
  • Escrow issues
  • Bank and mortgage loan issues
  • Real Estate litigation

I represent businesses and parties in real estate disputes in settlement negotiations, litigation, mediation and arbitration throughout Southern California.

Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant and no matter what your complaint or liability, the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation can assist with your business or real estate litigation prosecution or defense. We are family counsel with unique experience in litigation matters. It is important to have a knowledgeable business and real estate lawyer at every stage of the proceedings.

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