11 Arrested in Alleged Email Scam and Money Laundering Scheme

Fri 13th September, 2019 Criminal Law

Eleven people were arrested in Los Angeles last month for a massive email scam and money laundering network that allegedly defrauded victims out of millions of dollars. The group is now facing many federal charges, including conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to launder money, and aggravated identity theft. According to the […]

California Vehicle Homicide

Thu 15th August, 2019 Criminal Law

On August 1, a pedestrian was struck and killed on the sidewalk because of the actions of a suspected drunk driver. According to the police, the accident occurred in the Fairfax District around 10:30 p.m. at Melrose and Martel Avenues. The suspected driver was behind the wheel of a 2018 […]

Who Gets the Pet in a California Divorce?

Thu 15th August, 2019 Family Law

Traditionally, a pet in a divorce case has been considered a piece of personal property, but as of 2019 the law in California regarding pet custody has changed. Starting January 1 of this year, a judge in a divorce case where pet custody is at issue must consider the well-being of the […]

Judge Dismisses Charges in Federal White Nationalist Case

Thu 11th July, 2019 Criminal Law

A man from Redondo Beach has requested that his guilty plea be withdrawn and federal charges dismissed in a case involving a group of white nationalists accused of inciting brawls at political rallies. Tyler Laube made the request after the federal judge in his case dismissed similar charges against co-defendants Robert Rundo, […]

Child Custody and Relocation in California

Thu 11th July, 2019 Family Law

After a divorce, it makes sense that sometimes a parent wishes to move away from the family’s hometown to start fresh. In other situations, a family health problem, job offer, or new relationship may lead one parent to want to relocate. Are parents allowed to move away when a minor […]