Who Gets the Pet in a California Divorce?

Thu 15th August, 2019 Family Law

Traditionally, a pet in a divorce case has been considered a piece of personal property, but as of 2019 the law in California regarding pet custody has changed. Starting January 1 of this year, a judge in a divorce case where pet custody is at issue must consider the well-being of the […]

Judge Dismisses Charges in Federal White Nationalist Case

Thu 11th July, 2019 Criminal Law

A man from Redondo Beach has requested that his guilty plea be withdrawn and federal charges dismissed in a case involving a group of white nationalists accused of inciting brawls at political rallies. Tyler Laube made the request after the federal judge in his case dismissed similar charges against co-defendants Robert Rundo, […]

Child Custody and Relocation in California

Thu 11th July, 2019 Family Law

After a divorce, it makes sense that sometimes a parent wishes to move away from the family’s hometown to start fresh. In other situations, a family health problem, job offer, or new relationship may lead one parent to want to relocate. Are parents allowed to move away when a minor […]

California’s New Felony Murder Rule

Thu 11th July, 2019 Criminal Law

Last year, California passed a new law with regards to the concept of felony murder. Under California Senate Bill 1437, the new rules specifically designate when a person can be tried for felony murder and the necessary intent behind the crimes. The new felony murder rule has the potential to […]