15 People Charged with Federal Drug Trafficking

Fri 20th March, 2020 Criminal Law

Law enforcement officials arrested 11 people and charged 15 in total in a federal indictment last month for a drug trafficking ring that allegedly sold heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine across Los Angeles County. The indictment claims that 15 people conspired to distribute controlled substances over the last four years. Arrests included two of the alleged ring’s leaders in Lynwood and Alhambra.

According to the court records, the alleged ringleaders organized the movement of drugs and money while others in the ring would distribute across Los Angeles County. The indictment claims that one of the leaders sold methamphetamine twice to a confidential informant who was acting under the direction of law enforcement. Another alleged leader of the conspiracy was arrested with three unregistered firearms and ammunition at a storage facility. The indictment claimed that the ring distributed controlled substances across the county, including to Agoura Hills, Alhambra, Monterey Park, El Monte, Paramount, and Southgate. If convicted on all counts, those arrested could face a statutory minimum sentence of at least 10 years in federal prison up to a maximum sentence of life.

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What is a Federal Conspiracy Charge?

Many people do not understand what it takes to be charged with a federal conspiracy crime. This is understandable because unlike most other criminal charges, a person can be charged with conspiracy without ever actually taking part in a crime. In order to be charged with federal conspiracy, there must be an agreement to take part in a criminal act.

The agreement must be made between two or more people to commit a federal crime, defraud the United States, or defraud any federal agency. Then, at least one conspirator must make an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. This means, however, that a person can be charged with a conspiracy if the prosecutors believe that they agreed to take part in a criminal act without ever taking steps to achieve it. Furthermore, the only way to legally exit a conspiracy is to take some overt action that makes it clear to others that the departure is occurring, such as reporting the conspiracy plan to authorities.

The penalty for conviction of a federal conspiracy charge is up to five years in federal prison. This is in addition to any penalties associated with the federal crimes themselves that were committed as part of the alleged conspiracy.

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