Category: Family Law

Cohabitation and Alimony in California

Wed 4th January, 2023 Family Law

When you consider whether you feel it is in your best interests to pursue a divorce, there are likely a number of issues that come to mind. You may wonder how property will be divided and whether you will get enough time with your children. Alimony (or spousal support) is […]

What is ‘Fiduciary Duty’ in Divorce?

Tue 27th December, 2022 Family Law

Many may get a sour taste in their mouth if they are told, during the course of their divorce proceedings, that they must remember their “fiduciary duty” to their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. The entire reason that many couples divorce is that one partner or the other feels that their spouse did not […]

Can I Include College Tuition in a Prenuptial Agreement?

Sun 25th December, 2022 Family Law

Do you have a prenuptial agreement? If you are engaged in the state of California, you might want to consider getting one. Many people believe that prenuptial agreements have some kind of stigma, and do not want to consider anything related to divorce prior to their marriage. However, doing so […]