Category: Family Law

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mon 16th December, 2019 Family Law

When most people think about the process of divorce, they picture the traditional litigated divorce in a courtroom. However, one of the fastest-growing options for navigating the divorce process in California is utilizing the alternative dispute resolution technique of divorce mediation. This process can be faster, cheaper, and less acrimonious […]

Who Gets the Pet in a California Divorce?

Thu 15th August, 2019 Family Law

Traditionally, a pet in a divorce case has been considered a piece of personal property, but as of 2019 the law in California regarding pet custody has changed. Starting January 1 of this year, a judge in a divorce case where pet custody is at issue must consider the well-being of the […]

Child Custody and Relocation in California

Thu 11th July, 2019 Family Law

After a divorce, it makes sense that sometimes a parent wishes to move away from the family’s hometown to start fresh. In other situations, a family health problem, job offer, or new relationship may lead one parent to want to relocate. Are parents allowed to move away when a minor […]

What is Community Property in California?

Mon 11th March, 2019 Family Law

California is a community property state, but what does that exactly mean, and how does it affect the distribution of property in your California divorce? Understanding what property is considered marital assets and debts in a community property state can make a significant difference in the ultimate division of property […]