Can I Record My Spouse During a Divorce?

Sun 20th February, 2022 Family Law

Not all divorces are amicable, and if your spouse is making threats or being verbally abusive during a divorce, you may be tempted to record them as evidence of their behavior. However, recording your spouse in a California divorce can backfire more than you realize, and there are other ways […]

My Co-Parent is Bad Mouthing Me to Our Child: What Can I Do?

Sun 14th November, 2021 Family Law

In most California divorce cases, there is some level of animosity between spouses. These feelings can be amplified when a child is involved in the case, especially when parents do not agree on custody, visitation, or support of that child. Even if there are acrimonious feelings between spouses, those feelings […]

Creating a California Cohabitation Agreement

Sat 23rd October, 2021 Family Law

Married couples in California are provided significant protections before, during, and after a marriage with prenuptial, postnuptial, and divorce agreements. The situation is substantially different from unmarried couples, who receive no such protections under state law. However, cohabitating couples can create a cohabitation agreement with the assistance of an experienced […]

What is Virtual Visitation?

Tue 5th October, 2021 Family Law

We communicate with each other in many different ways in today‚Äôs society, and most of those methods are now virtual. These forms of virtual communication can be incorporated into a child custody agreement for a parent and child as a way to supplement their in-person time together, and an experienced […]