What is Virtual Visitation?

Tue 5th October, 2021 Family Law

We communicate with each other in many different ways in today’s society, and most of those methods are now virtual. These forms of virtual communication can be incorporated into a child custody agreement for a parent and child as a way to supplement their in-person time together, and an experienced California family law attorney can help. Call the office or contact the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler today to schedule an evaluation of your case.

Types of Virtual Visitation

There are many types of virtual visitation that utilize different technology. Currently, there are no requirements for virtual visitation options codified in California law, but that does not mean that it cannot be requested by a parent during custody negotiations. Some of the most common types of virtual visitation options include the following:

  • Text messages,
  • Instant messaging,
  • Emails,
  • Social media,
  • Video conferencing,
  • Video messaging, and more.

When to Use Virtual Visitation

Virtual visitation can be utilized in any child custody arrangement, but there are times when it can be more beneficial for families or solve difficult situations. One common example of this is when either the custodial parent and child or the noncustodial parent must relocate a significant distance away. This often alters the child custody arrangement, which may be augmented with virtual visitation between in person visits.

Another time when virtual visitation may be helpful is when spouses are at an impasse about how much time each parent gets to spend with their child or when one parent is worried about their safety and well-being when with the other parent. Virtual visitation can be used in a way that allows the child to check in with the other parent at regular intervals to address these issues and resolve the impasse in custody negotiations.

Benefits of Virtual Visitation

There are many benefits to integrating virtual visitation into a child custody plan. This method of visitation has the potential to improve the parent/child relationship, especially when distance is an issue. Virtual visitation also allows a child to speak freely and openly with a parent in a way that other methods of communication do not allow for, especially when there are problems with the parent or others that the child is staying with. Lastly, virtual visitation may help develop co-parenting skills between parents, as they also have the opportunity to see each other digitally and communicate through these means. To learn more about the benefits of virtual visitation and how to involve it in your child custody arrangement, talk to our office today.

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As we continue to utilize online methods of communication, virtual visitation will continue to increase in popularity. Are you interested in incorporating virtual visitation into your child custody agreement? If so, the experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles divorce attorney at the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler is here to help. Call the office or contact us today to schedule a consultation of your case now.