The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mon 16th December, 2019 Family Law

When most people think about the process of divorce, they picture the traditional litigated divorce in a courtroom. However, one of the fastest-growing options for navigating the divorce process in California is utilizing the alternative dispute resolution technique of divorce mediation. This process can be faster, cheaper, and less acrimonious than traditional divorce methods, saving you time, money, and creating far less stress than a regular divorce. To learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation and how our office can help facilitate the process, call or contact the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler in Los Angeles today for a free consultation.

How Does Mediation Work

Divorce mediation takes place in an office or boardroom with the spouses, their attorneys, and a divorce mediator. The mediator is a neutral third party that works to negotiate agreements on any outstanding issues that need to be settled between the parties. The mediator will hear all the issues and then go back and forth between spouses until an agreement has been reached. The mediator will then work with the attorneys to draft a finalized divorce settlement for the spouses to sign and submit to the court.

Saving You Time and Money

One of the drawbacks of a traditional, litigated divorce is that you are bound to the scheduling of the courts. It is common for hearings to take place weeks or months apart and normal for the divorce process to last months or even years before the divorce is finalized. The extended time and process of a traditional divorce often means that it is also more expensive than divorce mediation. Litigated divorce entails lengthy discovery, depositions, and sometimes even full blown trials on particular issues in your divorce. This all costs money and can make your divorce even more expensive.

Divorce mediation does away with many of the drawbacks of a traditional divorce. Divorce mediation takes place outside of the courtroom on your own schedule. This allows the process to be facilitated much quicker than in the courtroom. What would normally take months could be managed in a matter of days or weeks in mediation. Mediation also does away with much of the expenses involved in traditional divorce, such as depositions and full trials. As such, divorce mediation is typically cheaper than traditional divorce.

Facilitating Communication Between Parents

Divorce mediation is also a great option for parents that will be required to communicate about their children after the divorce is finalized. Traditional divorce pits spouses against one another, whereas divorce mediation works to find a compromise on all outstanding issues. Because of the amicable and collaborative nature of divorce mediation, divorcing spouses are primed to communicate better about their children once the divorce is final. This benefits both the divorcing spouses and their children in the long run.

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