Do Not Use Social Media During Your Divorce

Mon 22nd August, 2022 General

While it may seem like a force of habit to post updates about your life on social media, the one time you likely do not want to do that is during a divorce. Unfortunately, this is often the time when it is most difficult for people to be without an outlet to vent or voice their frustrations. Divorce can wreak emotional havoc, and it can be natural to want to want to loop in your friends on what you are experiencing, or respond to rumors that you have heard your ex started about you. However, while it may feel like a relief in the moment to get this stuff off of your chest, there can be many long-term consequences that far outweigh this short-term gain.

Why Social Media is Dangerous in a Divorce

It is easy to feel like your posts on social media are shared with friends and are somewhat private, but anything you post or email can be subpoenaed as evidence against you in your divorce trial. Posts venting about your ex can be used as evidence in a custody hearing to show that you would be unlikely to support your child in maintaining a relationship with their other parent. Posts showing lavish gifts and purchases can be evidence of marital waste or other attempts to deplete marital assets prior to their distribution. Posting pictures with a new date can be used to suggest that you may be exposing your children to new partners and risky situations.

Something that you may think is innocuous can have catastrophic effects when it comes to making a determination in a custody case, so every time you are about to post something, consider whether you would want it in a judge’s hands right before they make a decision about your divorce settlement or custody agreement. It is much more productive and beneficial to post positive images and messages that tell the judge that you are mentally stable and ready to provide a positive and healthy environment for your children, and that you do not have a bitter or ulterior motive when it comes to settling your divorce. Whatever you do, never discuss your relationship online. This also provides the judge with a means of cross-checking your statements or testimony on certain issues. If other statements that you have made do not match up with your online posts, this can call your credibility into question. In short, nothing you post about your marriage or divorce can be beneficial, but nearly anything that you post can be used against you and have negative effects. For this reason, if there was ever a good time to take a hiatus from social media, it is during a divorce.

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