Owen Wilson Confirmed as Father After Paternity Test

Mon 8th October, 2018 Family Law

paternity test confirmed that Owen Wilson is set to become a father for the third time. Wilson, 49, agreed to take a paternity test after a woman, Varunie Vongsvirates, came forward and claimed that she was pregnant with his child. Sources confirm that the paternity test conclusively proves that Wilson is the father of her child. Wilson has two children with women from prior relationships: Robert Ford, born in 2011, with ex-girlfriend Jade Duel and Finn, born in 2014, with personal trainer Caroline Lundquist.

Establishing Parentage in California

Under California law, there are two ways to establish paternity for a child with parents who are unwed. The first is to sign a voluntary Declaration of Paternity, which legally establishes both parents. The other option is to get a court order to determine paternity. The alleged father has the right to request a genetic DNA test to ensure that he is the father of the child. If the DNA test confirms paternity, the court order will legally establish the man as the legal father of the child. It is important to note that California courts will not accept private DNA testing, home testing, or testing done in a private medical facility. The DNA testing information will be provided to both parents when ordered by the court.

Benefits of Establishing Parentage

There are many benefits to establishing parentage for a child. First and foremost, the child receives the benefit of knowing his or her father and establishing an emotional relationship. Establishing paternity also confers legal rights and benefits that the child would not otherwise have. This includes financial support from both parents, legal documentation identifying both parents, having both names on the child’s birth certificate, access to both parents’ medical records, health and insurance coverage, rights to inheritance, and rights to social security and veteran’s benefits.

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