Federal Perjury Charges: What you Need to Know

Tue 12th May, 2020 Criminal Law

While many people recognize that it is a crime to lie under oath, what most do not realize is that even a simple misstatement to someone in the federal government can lead to criminal charges. People make statements to federal officials more often than they realize, and those statements can carry significant legal weight if not entirely correct. At the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler, our team of legal professionals is here if you have been accused of committing federal perjury. Call the office or contact us today to learn more about how our office can help you fight federal charges in Los Angeles.

What is Perjury?

The general definition of perjury is the criminal offense of lying while under oath. If a person willingly makes false statements while testifying they can be charged with perjury. However, perjury charges extend far beyond the courtroom. A person can also be charged with perjury if they make a false statement in an affidavit, civil depositions, and other legal statements. Someone can also be charged with the subordination of perjury if they coerce someone else to lie while under oath.

The penalties for perjury are serious, and if a federal prosecutor suspects you of lying to a federal official they will often pursue charges. Conviction for perjury can result in a prison sentence up to five years and thousands of dollars in fines. In addition, a perjury conviction can render a person ineligible for certain professions, such as law, accounting, and other careers that have an ethical component to their licensing. Conviction for perjury will also make you a felon, which results in a permanent criminal record that can limit your ability to find work, apply for school, or obtain certain housing.

How a Federal Criminal Defender Can Help

The crime of perjury contains many elements, such as the oath taken and the information provided while under oath. It can be confusing for people giving statements to federal officials as to what counts as an official statement in addition to what may be considered a lie or simply a misunderstanding of what was asked. A federal criminal defender will protect your rights and defend you against allegations of committing perjury while under oath or while making a statement to a federal official. Your attorney will analyze every element of the charge and make the best possible arguments on your behalf. Every case is unique, and a federal criminal defender is your best chance of avoiding prison time for a perjury charge. Do not risk prison time over a simple misstatement, and trust an experienced federal criminal defender to handle your case.

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