Judge Dismisses Charges in Federal White Nationalist Case

Thu 11th July, 2019 Criminal Law

A man from Redondo Beach has requested that his guilty plea be withdrawn and federal charges dismissed in a case involving a group of white nationalists accused of inciting brawls at political rallies. Tyler Laube made the request after the federal judge in his case dismissed similar charges against co-defendants Robert Rundo, Robert Boman, and Aaron Eason on the grounds that the Anti-Riot Act of 1968, under which they were charged, was unconstitutional for being over-broad. These men are part of the Rise Above Movement, a group that traveled from California to Charlottesville, Virginia in order to fight those who opposed their white supremacy ideology.

Tyler Laube had pled guilty last year to one charge of conspiracy and admitted to associating with the Rise Above Movement. He also admitted to attending combat training and assaulting people at a Huntington Beach rally in 2017. He admitted to attacking a reporter covering the rally, punching him multiple times in the face. The group used social media to gain followers and posted videos of members assaulting people at political rallies and other events.

Prosecutors are looking to appeal the ruling to the federal appellate court to challenge the dismissal due to the Anti-Riot Act.

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A knowledgeable federal criminal defense attorney will immediately start looking into the evidence gathered against you and how it was collected. In some cases, the federal authorities conduct illegal search and seizures, making that evidence inadmissible. Other times, a federal criminal defender can work out plea agreements that minimize your charges or offer you immunity for your cooperation. Most importantly, if your case goes to trial an experienced federal crimes defense attorney will be able to make the most persuasive and compelling arguments for your case.

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