Brad Pitt Requests Supervised Visits with Children

Wed 9th January, 2019 Family Law

Four of Brad Pitt’s six children spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with him after he requested supervised visits with the family court to prove that he is a good father. His four youngest children: Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 10, all stayed at his house with a court-ordered monitor spending the night, as well. Brad Pitt and his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, came to terms on a custody arrangement late last year after a bitter breakup in 2016. Pitt has been pressing to spend more time with the children, per the terms of the child custody agreement, and the supervised visits with the court-ordered monitor allow him to show that he is demonstrating appropriate parenting.

Pitt has expressed disappointment to the press and family law court about Jolie parading their kids in public where they can be photographed by paparazzi and she can appear to be a devoted mother. He also expressed concerns that Jolie was trying to limit contact between the children and Pitt, and the judge overseeing the case agreed. He stated that it was harmful to the children to not have a relationship with their father and threatened Jolie with the loss of custody if she did not do a better job encouraging a relationship between the children and Pitt. 

California Child Custody

Supervised visitation can be ordered by a California family law court for a number of reasons, but it is typical or reserved for when there is a potential issue of protection and safety for the child. During supervised visitation, a neutral third party is present. Some of the more common reasons for supervised visitation are to give the visiting parent the opportunity to address specific issues, reintroduce a parent and child after a long absence, introduce a parent and child when there has been no existing relationship, any history of domestic violence, child abuse, or substance abuse, claims of mental illness, or if there is any threat of parental abduction. An experienced family law attorney can help you with any issues regarding supervised visitation in your child custody case.

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