Beverly Hills Man Faces Federal Bribery Charge

Mon 3rd September, 2018 Criminal Law

A real estate developer in Beverly Hills is facing a federal bribery charge for allegedly giving money to a Los Angeles County employee in exchange for government leases. Authorities claim that Arman Gabaee, 57, gave a county employee $1,000 every month over the course of six years in exchange for government leases, non-public information, and other benefits for the developer. Prosecutors also claim that Mr. Gabaee offered to purchase the employee a home worth $1.1 million in exchange for a 10-year lease at one of the developer’s properties in Hawthorne, which would be worth $45 million.

The payments allegedly began in 2010 or 2011, when the employee who has remained unnamed began to run interference for Mr. Gabaee and other county departments to get him the information, building repairs, and leases for his properties. If convicted, Mr. Gabaee could face up to 10 years in federal prison for a single federal bribery charge.

Federal Criminal Defense

The federal criminal system varies greatly from California state court, and it is vitally important that a person has a criminal defense attorney with experience in federal criminal court from the moment that person thinks that he or she is being investigated for a federal crime. Federal agents sometimes bring in suspects for interrogation prior to arrest. The way in which federal authorities gather evidence is different than the state.

If arrested for a federal crime, the bail proceedings differ from state court and is much more difficult to secure. If you do not have an attorney, you may be forced to prepare for trial from your jail cell. Federal sentencing also varies from state court, and federal prosecutors are able to add enhancements to charges that could potentially mean spending years more behind bars. A federal criminal defense attorney understands the differences in federal court, the alternatives to sentencing, and how to best prepare a client for federal trial.

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