Resolving Child Custody Disputes

Parents approaching divorce are naturally deeply concerned about how a marital separation and dissolution will affect the children. A marriage may be broken but a parent-child relationship carries on.

Unmarried parents also need legal counsel on matters such as paternity, child custody and visitation, whether or not the parents live together. Without a child custody order, a father may have no parental rights and a mother could potentially move far away with the child, without notification of the father.

Solve your child custody problems or prevent potential ones with the help of an experienced family law attorney. I am lawyer Bradley S. Sandler. My family law firm in Los Angeles can be a useful resource for you as you seek answers and help regarding any aspect of child custody and visitation in California. I can advise you on:

  • Parenting plans (custody and visitation rights and responsibilities)
  • Enforcement and modification of existing child custody orders
  • Understanding the impact of child custody arrangements on child support obligations
  • Clarification of grandparents' rights to visitation or in some cases, custody

Depending on your unique family circumstances, you may seek:

  • Joint, sole or primary physical custody
  • Joint, sole or primary legal custody
  • Visitation rights and schedules

Even if you and the other parent believe you two agree on where your children will live and how you will co-parent, a custody order is vital for protection of your child's stability and your parental rights.

I can advise you through the necessary legal processes such as negotiations, mediation or trial. There may be complications such as allegations of addiction or other reasons you believe your child should see the other parent only in supervised visitation settings. If you need the input of an expert witness such as a child psychologist or education specialist, I can recommend a well-respected professional and coordinate the gathering of evidence that you are a fit parent. I can prepare arguments in favor of the custody and visitation arrangement that you believe will be ideal for your child's well-being.

Get The Guidance You Need To Protect Your Parent-Child Relationship

You likely have questions and concerns about your child custody situation. I can help you create and pursue a strategy for settling the question of how you and your child's other parent will parent your mutual child or children after a separation or divorce. Contact the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation at 310-246-3900 or complete the online intake form to request a consultation.