Accused Of A Sex Crime? Defend Your Record And Your Freedom.

Criminal Defense of Sex Crimes from Investigation Through Trial

If you have been charged with a sex crime, or you are under investigation, you need to contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer immediately. Sex crimes are some of the most heavily punished of all criminal offenses. Prosecutors are zealous in seeking a conviction in sex crime cases, but it cannot be assumed that being accused means that you are guilty.

I am attorney Bradley S. Sandler, an experienced advocate for the accused. I represent clients for those facing a wide range of sex crime charges.

We know that your future freedom and your personal and professional reputation are all at stake, and we will be tireless in seeking out any legal advantage for you. Without quality legal representation, it is clear that you will run a much greater chance of being convicted. Don't risk your future freedom — call our firm in Beverly Hills, California.

False Accusations?

There are cases in which a person is falsely accused. Relationships can be highly emotional and volatile, leading one party to become jealous or angry and prompting a decision to report a crime that never occurred. Additionally, there are times when one parent will accuse the other of a sex crime in order to sway the court in a divorce or custody legal battle.

Penalties for a sex crime conviction will vary greatly, based upon the exact nature of the crime, whether or not violence played a part, if children were involved, and whether the accused has a prior criminal history.

Penalties can include a jail or prison sentence (including life in prison), expensive fines, probation, participation in counseling, and the requirement to register as a sex offender for life.

Charged With Date Rape?

You need to immediately contact a highly skilled and creative attorney if you have been accused of date rape in Beverly Hills. This is a serious crime that carries heavy penalties. It requires that you are represented by aggressive legal counsel who will take immediate defense actions.

Our law firm, the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation, has the experience and skills to defend a date rape charge and other sex crimes, and we will identify the best course of action that could be successful in pursuing the goal of reduced charges, an acquittal, or a case dismissal. Years of trial experience and a track record of favorable outcomes speak to our effectiveness. Make the right decision about your defense lawyer and call us today.

Was It A Question Of Consent?

You may be facing criminal accusations of date rape when it is alleged that you had sexual intercourse without the consent of the person accusing you of this offense. The alleged victim may be a person you were dating, or dated in the past, or any person who spends time with you voluntarily. The charge of date rape often boils down to just one person's word against another's, or "he said — she said." You may have actually had consensual sex, and then later the other party became angry or ashamed, and accused you of committing rape.

Defending Criminal Charges of Date Rape in Beverly Hills, CA

Two common examples of a date rape charge:

  • Your partner is unable to refuse a sexual advance due to being intoxicated after consuming alcohol or drugs, even if the act appeared to be consensual.
  • You secretly spiked your partner's food or drink with a drug that rendered the alleged victim incapable of resisting a sexual advance, and you had nonconsensual sex.

There are other examples of a how a date rape charge could be filed against an innocent person. A conviction includes the requirement to register as a sex offender, with long term repercussions. Your image, your address and the crime is available to any person who searches sex offenders in the area. This, plus a prison sentence, fines and a felony on your record will permanently damage your future opportunities, and you may lose the ability to hold a professional license. For the best chance of a favorable outcome, contact us immediately so we can begin structuring the best defense for you.

Reach Out For Qualified Defense When Facing Sexual Assault Or Related Charges

Whether the alleged crime is lewd conduct, sexual abuse, indecent exposure, prostitution, solicitation of a prostitute, date rape, internet-based crimes, sex crimes involving minors or other sex crimes, we stand by you to protect your rights. We are committed to devising a defense that will lead to the best outcome for your future. Call 310-246-3900 or email us at to schedule a consultation without delay. Your future may hang in the balance, and time is of the essence.

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