Experienced Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyer Bradley S. Sandler began his Career assisting Youth Offenders while in Law School

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation is a valuable resource for anyone accused of a crime in the Los Angeles area, including minors, people under age 21 charged with alcohol offenses, and students facing school-based discipline in addition to any criminal charges handled through state or federal courts.

Experienced Defense Attorney Represents Minors In Juvenile Courts

California has enacted detailed legislation regarding juvenile crimes and the handling of cases of young adults under the age of 18. Most of the laws in this area fall under the Welfare and Institutions Code of California statutory laws.

Juvenile courts have their own system of bail, detention and punishment; therefore, it is important to hire an attorney fully versed in juvenile criminal procedure. This is especially true with the juvenile system that is able to enforce adult punishment.

I am Bradley S. Sandler, a proven juvenile criminal defense attorney who understands and can navigate a juvenile criminal case, saving a family unnecessary hardship and helping foster as favorable an outcome as possible.

There are major differences between the juvenile and adult court systems. An experienced defense attorney can negotiate with prosecutors for no filings and even release to a juvenile’s parents throughout all stages of the proceedings. This is to say, the right juvenile attorney can keep your child out of custody and safe at home instead of being confined in a juvenile detention center.

History Of Bradley S. Sandler, Beverly Hills Criminal Defense Lawyer

Early on, I gained experience in the juvenile criminal justice system as a clerk in law school. I spent much of my time conducting interviews for the public defender’s office of juveniles accused of crimes. This gave me a deep understanding of the potential emotional and psychological impact on such young individuals.

I have successfully defended numerous juvenile cases and managed to keep juveniles out of the adult system in misdemeanor and even felony cases.

Underage Drinking — Underage DUI — Open Container Law Violations

The legal drinking age in California is 21. Individuals aged 18 to 20, although they are not minors, face damaging consequences if convicted of buying or consuming alcohol in most circumstances. Jail time and other penalties may also apply, as well as a one-year suspension of one’s driver’s license.

Beware: California Enforces ‘Zero Tolerance’ Re. Drinking And Driving For Underage Drinkers

Underage drinkers charged with any measurable alcohol at all in their blood, breath or urine may have their driver’s licenses suspended for a year. Even without evidence of consumption, having an open container of any alcoholic beverage in the car or even a closed container but with no adult in the car can result in citation, impoundment of the vehicle, fines and driver’s license suspension.

Defense Of Students Charged With Crimes Or School Policy Violations

Are you a high school or college student facing sanctions from your school because of a criminal matter that took place outside of school or a violation of laws or regulations allegedly occurring on school property? Have you been accused of bullying, harassment, assault, theft, vandalism or carrying a weapon at school?

School authorities may suspend you, refuse to let you participate in extracurricular activities or otherwise punish you over alleged rule violations in school or drug charges outside of school, even before completion of your case. The longer you wait to get legal advice, the greater risk there is to your overall high school life due to public stigma if you are banned from participation in your usual activities.

Whatever the alleged violation and sanctions that you may face, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side. I am prepared to defend you vigorously in any hearing or other disciplinary venue, as well as in a criminal court (juvenile or adult court). The sooner you contact me, the greater number of options you may have for a favorable outcome.

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