Types of Spousal Support Awarded in a California Divorce

April 14, 2019 Posted in Family Law in Los Angeles

Types of Spousal Support Awarded in a California Divorce

Oftentimes in a California divorce, the spouse who earns more money may be required to pay the lesser-earning spouse Spousal Support during and after the divorce. Also known as spousal support payments, Spousal Support is meant to help the lesser-earning spouse transition into becoming financially independent and self-sufficient following a divorce. Couples can come to an agreement on their own regarding the payment of Spousal Support or it can be ordered by the court as part of the finalized settlement. To learn more about spousal support payments and what types are available for couples getting a divorce, schedule an appointment today with an experienced divorce attorney at the office of Bradley S. Sandler in Los Angeles.

Types of Spousal Support Payments

A couple or the court can determine which types of support one spouse will receive in a negotiated agreement or by order of the court. A spouse can receive different types of Spousal Support during and after the divorce for varying amounts and for different periods of time. The five types of spousal support allowed in California divorces are as follows:

  • Temporary Spousal Support: This type of Spousal Support is awarded to a spouse while the divorce proceedings are ongoing and the couple is separated. Temporary Spousal Support typically ends when the divorce is finalized, but another type of Spousal Support can kick in once the settlement is final. This type of spousal support is meant to cover daily expenses and the costs of hiring an attorney.
  • Rehabilitative Spousal Support: Rehabilitative Spousal Support provides spousal support for a specific duration of time after the divorce is finalized and can either be a set time period or ends on a triggering event. This type of Spousal Support payment is meant to provide support to the lesser-earning spouse so that he or she can become self-sufficient through the acquisition of job skills, training, or education. Rehabilitative Spousal Support is typically awarded when one spouse made sacrifices in his or her own career to support the higher-earning spouse or to raise the family.
  • Reimbursement Spousal Support: This type of spousal support is a fairly unique type of Spousal Support that is meant to reimburse one spouse for the monetary contributions and other sacrifices made to advance the other spouse’s career or education. Reimbursement Spousal Support is also awarded if one spouse supported the family while the other received an education or work training. California is one of the few states that offers this type of Spousal Support payment after a divorce.
  • Lump Sum Spousal Support: Lump sum Spousal Support occurs when the higher earning spouse makes a one time, lump sum payment in spousal support to the lesser earning spouse, as opposed to monthly payments. This type of Spousal Support is typically appropriate when the recipient spouse does not take much in terms of community property and the higher earning spouse is paying for that share of the property.
  • Permanent Spousal Support: Permanent Spousal Support consists of support payments made with no definite termination, either for life or indefinitely. These payments are made regularly and are typically ordered when the receiving spouse is elderly, suffering significant health issues, is caring for a disabled child, or other circumstances that would not allow the spouse to re-enter the workforce.

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