When You Are Charged With Homicide Involving A Motor Vehicle

You may face criminal charges if someone died in a car accident, you were driving one of the vehicles and your driving was allegedly negligent. Eyewitnesses and/or police may claim you:

  • Were driving under the influence of alcohol or drug (driving drunk or DUI)

  • Committed a traffic violation such as speeding or changing lanes illegally

  • Were driving recklessly

Your vehicular homicide charges may even be the result of someone else's poor driving if you lent your car to that person or were in the car and did not take steps to prevent the crash. Whatever circumstances brought about your vehicular homicide charges, you now face a full-blown legal crisis. You need the best criminal defense money can buy if you hope to avoid:

  • A prison sentence

  • A criminal record

  • Loss of your driving privileges

  • Difficulty obtaining car insurance for years to come

A vehicular homicide case may be a pivotal event in your life — and now is the time to do all you can to defend yourself. An accident or a mistake should not define you or determine your entire future. With a skilled, persistent California defense attorney representing you, you can greatly increase the chances of a favorable outcome such as reduced charges, a case dismissal, an acquittal at trial or probation instead of a prison sentence.

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