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California has a reputation for being home to the most notorious and violent gangs in the World. The laws and enhancements regarding gang violence and crime in California are specific and provide for lengthy sentences due to gang related activity. Since 1996, Mr. Sandler has been Los Angeles County's premier Gang Defense lawyer in part since he is a Westside Los Angeles native. Mr. Sandler is uniquely connected to the streets of Los Angeles and began helping young gang members as a law clerk in the Sylmar Juvenile Detention center in the 1990's.

Los Angeles Gang Defense lawyer, Bradley S. Sandler earned his reputation for defending some of the most notorious gangs in Compton, Watts, the San Gabriel Valley and San Fernando Valley during the rise of Three Strikes Law. A go to lawyer for gang offenses, Mr. Sandler has defeated numerous gang enhancements successfully prior to trial and at trial. Our firm has dealt with gang crimes involving shootings, robberies, drug sales, violence and a myriad of other offenses. Our firm also assist parents of gang members, who may be charged under Penal Code Penal § 272 for failing to supervise their child. Penal Code §186.22 provides an enhancement for numerous crimes and activity that is done in furtherance of or for the benefit of the gang.

Prosecutors must prove you are in a gang and are acting to benefit the gang. It is not a crime to be in a gang standing alone, unless a person commits an act in furtherance of the gang or to benefit the gang. Common examples are drug sales for money to support gang activity, or violence to establish territory and presence. Misdemeanors committed for the benefit the gang can be charged as a felony and lead to an enhancement as well.

The most common gang offenses and enhancements our firm handles are as follows:

Murder Penal Code §187, 10 year Gang Enhancement

Murder in second degree, without premeditation, 10 year gang enhancement

Voluntary Manslaughter, Penal Code §192, 10 year gang enhancement

Attempted murder §664/187, 10 year gang enhancement

Accessory after the fact Penal Code §32, 4 year gang enhancement

Drive by shooting, Penal Code Section §246, 15 years for the gang enhancement

Carry a gun in a public place by a gang member, Penal Code Section §12025, 4 year gang enhancement

Assault with a deadly weapon Penal Code§ 245 (a) (1), 5 year gang enhancement

Assault by the means to create Great Bodily Injury Penal Code§ 245, 4 year gang enhancement

Threats to commit death or great bodily injury Penal Code §422, 5 year gang enhancement

Threatening or dissuading a witness Penal Code §136.1 means, 7 year gang enhancement

Burglary Penal Code §459 , If someone is home when you break in, the gang enhancement is 10 years. If no one is home, 5 years

Receiving stolen property Penal Code §496, 4 year gang enhancement = 7 years max.

Possession of a controlled substance Health and safety Code §11337 and §11350, 4 year gang enhancement

Sale or possession for sale of a controlled substance, 4 year gang enhancement

The enhancements are often lengthier than the underlying crime charged. If you or a loved one is charged with a gang related offense, it is imperative to retain experienced gang charges defense counsel immediately. Our firm is successful with proving individuals do not belong to a gang and were not acting in furtherance of a gang. Mr. Sandler has beaten a life case attempted murder gang shooting charge (at the Preliminary Hearing), amongst other serious gang offense related charges. Call Los Angeles Gang defense lawyer Bradley S. Sandler today for a free consultation to discuss the ramifications of these serious charges and the options to fight for your freedom and justice.

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