Dissolution Of Marriage Or Domestic Partnership

Make no mistake: For most people a divorce is disorienting or worse. Experiencing the breakup of your family or marriage is not for the faint of heart — but as with any great challenge, knowledge is power. Staying informed can be the best way forward when a pending dissolution of marriage makes you feel life is spiraling out of control altogether.

When One Household Will Become Two...

Filing a petition or response for dissolution can be one of the most surreal and challenging decisions a person can make for themselves or their family. Many issues regarding finances, custody and the future are determined by the initial action a person takes when filing or responding to a dissolution.

Your life partner now will become your legal opponent and that can make it difficult to determine the right path ahead as you complete all requirements. An experienced attorney on your side can remove a great deal of stress and provide the guidance you need to make the right decisions confidently.

When Experts Can Lend Insights To Your Case

Our firm is familiar with each jurisdiction in the Los Angeles region and beyond. We can guide you through your dissolution of marriage with sensitivity to the particular legal nuances of where you will file or respond to a petition for dissolution.

Our experienced direction can help you determine the most effective approaches to take in your case. Where there are areas of disagreement, expert opinions can help settle essential issues — ideally, in your favor.

I am attorney Bradley S. Sandler, and I have had vast experience examining witnesses on the stand and in depositions in a wide variety of civil and criminal cases. I can leverage the input of expert witnesses if your marital dissolution goes to trial.

I am a skilled interviewer of experts such as police officers, social workers, psychologists, court evaluators, coroners, doctors and medical staff, financial analysts, CPAs, forensic accountants, friends and family members, and numerous other individuals.

I can apply these skills gained over more than 20 years in the practice of family law to your marital dissolution case as needed.

Domestic Partnerships And Summary Dissolutions

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation also handles dissolution of domestic partnerships.

We can assist with a summary dissolution of a marriage — a simpler, quicker and less expensive divorce available to qualified couples. We can help evaluate the factors necessary to see if you qualify for a summary dissolution.

In general, a summary dissolution is an option for couples in short-term, low-asset marriages without children and with no disagreements as to a fair division of debts and assets.

A summary dissolution often entails cost-effective flat fees, payment plans, expedited time frames and less paperwork than a traditional divorce.

Our Firm Can Help You Obtain Spousal Support

Establishing a spousal support order is one of the important issues facing many divorcing clients. Our firm is astute with regard to evaluating our clients' financial information. We can assist you in pursuing temporary or permanent spousal support. We can address appropriate modifications of spousal support orders.

Contact An Experienced Attorney To Discuss Dissolution Of Your Marriage

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