Skillful Defense In Federal Court

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation handles all federal cases at each stage of the federal criminal proceedings. Federal cases are initiated by federal law enforcement embarking on a detailed investigation, with vast resources. Commonly, these investigations are headed by the DEA, IRS, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, FBI, U.S. Postal Service and other federal agencies. Subsequently, alleged federal crimes are investigated and are prosecuted by the Department of Justice in coordination with U.S. marshals, who are skilled at investigating and bold in their efforts to obtain evidence and incriminating information.

Oftentimes, federal law enforcement agents contact suspects prior to arrest to discuss looming federal criminal charges. This is the moment to contact an aggressive federal criminal defense team.

Federal Cases Versus State Cases

Federal cases must be fought from the moment you believe you are being investigated or charges may be filed.

The federal system differs from the state judicial system. Defendants are not guaranteed bail by statute, as in a state court (most state crimes). Instead, federal bonds are only permitted after convincing a federal judge, during a bail and detention hearing, the current offense, the defendant's history, sources of income, ties to the community and prior criminal history warrant entitlement to bail. As a result, you must hire a criminal lawyer immediately upon contact with a federal agency or upon arrest as you may be unprepared to fight for bail and have to fight your case from behind bars.

More importantly, the penalties for federal criminal laws are based on a discretionary point system. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, points are given for the base level offense (underlying charges) and increases on point totals are imposed for prior criminal history, an individual's role in the offense, for weight of narcotics or amount of money for federal financial crimes, in addition to other offense specific enhancements. There are numerous other ways the federal government add charges which can increase your point totals to facilitate severe prison sentences on defendants.

I am Bradley S. Sandler, a criminal defense attorney with more than 20 years of experience. If I represent you, I will fight to reduce point levels under the federal sentencing guidelines, by challenging offenses charged to reduce base level offense points; negotiate with assistant United States attorneys for downward departures from the federal sentencing guidelines through lack of criminal history, cooperative attitude toward proceedings and numerous other ways.

Federal Sentencing Experts

My firm uses the most highly skilled team of federal sentencing experts to calculate potential sentences; finds ways to reduce point totals under the guidelines; and creates personal profiles for our clients to influence U.S. marshals, the Department of Justice, assistant United States attorneys and federal judges to depart from the federal sentencing guidelines.

My firm handles federal crimes, including:

  • Assault and battery

  • Kidnapping, robbery and other violent crimes

  • Weapons offenses

  • Embezzlement, perjury, fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, wire fraud and other white collar crimes

  • Counterfeiting, forgery and extortion

  • Internet fraud, theft, credit card fraud and computer hacking

  • Drug crimes, including trafficking, manufacture, possession, possession for sale and distribution of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and other controlled substances

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