Experienced, Aggressive DUI Defense

The Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation is experienced and has proven successful at defending people facing drunk driving charges. The firm handles all felony, misdemeanor and infraction DUI charges. The firm also conducts all administrative per se hearings, writ review of license suspensions and applications for hardship licenses. Our firm has defeated the DMV numerous times, including having a decision overturned by Superior Court writ.

Fight Back With A Strong Defender On Your Side

Do not make the mistake most people make and fail to fight these charges. DUI charges can be beaten and your driver's license can be saved. I am defense attorney Bradley S. Sandler and I have helped many people charged with drunk driving obtain favorable outcomes — including for second and third offense DUI arrests.

Take Action Without Delay To Protect Your Driving Privileges

If you were recently stopped for a DUI and arrested, you must contact the DMV within 10 days of such arrest to schedule an administrative per se hearing or face immediate license suspension 30 days after your arrest. In some cases, our firm can schedule a hearing and stop the suspension of your license pending the hearing, even if you missed the 10-day scheduling deadline.

Address All Aspects Of Your DUI Case With A Well-Coordinated Approach

I am ready to aggressively represent your interests at the initial DMV hearing as well as in the criminal side of your case. I can also address concerns you may have about a professional license of any kind that may be at risk due to your DUI arrest or potential conviction. Ask me about representation before your professional licensure board if applicable.

Contact us to help you restore your license, fight your DUI case and protect your freedom and future. I handle underage DUI cases for juveniles as well as for drivers between ages 18-20.

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Call the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation at 310-246-3900 or contact me online to schedule a consultation with me, Bradley S. Sandler.