Clean Your Record, Save Your Job

Todays Employers are More Informed Than Ever

In today's digital age, it is critical to have a clean background to maintain or seek employment, keep a professional license or obtain one. With the click of a button, employers now have access to your most personal and sensitive data. A criminal conviction lingering on your record, can prevent you from being employed, cause you to lose your job or license in your career. Oftentimes, people do not know what is in their history, but your employer does. It is time to level the playing field with other job applicants and fellow employees looking to move up the business ladder. Restore your good name and Clean Your Record. It can make the difference of becoming employed or not, that simple.

What do employers see in the background check?

Most people think that employers are only looking for Criminal convictions on an employee or employee candidates record. However, a thorough background check reveals education and work history, residence history, credit and payment history, civil judgment history and yes, Criminal history. An expunged conviction on your actual criminal history kept in Sacramento, will have the case number with the words "set aside and dismissed" after it. The word "convicted" will be removed. Our firm assists clients with knowing what all areas of their background records appear like to employer's. With our investigators, we help clients obtain relevant personal information, routinely found in the same databases used by employers.

How can I see what's on my criminal record?

The easiest way is to do a Live Scan and submit a request to the Department of Justice. Our firm can assist with the application process and selection of a live scan location. This is how you obtain your official "rap sheet", check on prior expunged convictions, diverted offenses and old offenses. Experienced Expungement counsel can review and help make corrections to your rap sheet, so employers will not see outdated or incorrect information.

How long does the typical expungement take?

Expungements can vary in length and time. If you want to terminate Probation early pursuant to Penal Code §1203.3, and then expunge your conviction, the process can take 2-4 weeks. If you have a Felony it can take longer, due to the briefing and hearing schedule. Our firm successfully expunged a Vehicular Manslaughter charge in 2016 and cleared a client's name after many years. That particular matter took 2 months for hearing after it was filed. A typical Misdemeanor expungement with no complications takes 2-4 weeks. Sometimes it can take time obtaining court records, depending on the age and location of the case files. That will factor into the time it takes. We are able to find 20 to 30 year old cases in archives and databases that most clients could not obtain, without the guidance of Expungement counsel.

How much will my expungement cost?

Clients often ask what it will cost to file for an expungement. That depends on many variable factors such as the type of offense either whether a Felony, Misdemeanor or Infraction, was there deferred entry of judgment DEJ, are you still on Probation, the number of offenses and courts, along with some other common factors. Typically, there is a filing fee of $120.00 by the court and the attorney's fees vary based on the above factors. Whatever the cost, we offer fair prices, payment plans and the ability to discuss your situation to find an affordable solution.

What can I say if my expungement is granted?

You can say you were not convicted if your expungement is granted. There are a few exceptions. You must disclose an expunged conviction to the INS, when applying to any State or Government entity for Licensing in a profession, the state lottery and if you run for public office. You must also look at the employment application or continued licensing information reporting to determine what you must reveal, even if a matter is expunged. Experienced Expungement lawyer Bradley S. Sandler can review employment applications and licensing reporting questionnaires, so you answer those questions correctly, while protecting your confidential right to privacy.

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