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Modern times deserve modern lawyers. I am Bradley S. Sandler, a modern criminal and civil law attorney serving the Los Angeles area. I consistently apply up-to-date practices and approaches to the pursuit of the best outcome attainable in every case.

An effective litigator must be tough and willing to stand up to legal opponents and decision-makers, including lawyers on the other side of a petition for divorce or any civil lawsuit, or law enforcement and prosecutors in a criminal matter. Whatever legal issue brings you to my firm, I will always be ready to represent your rights and best interests before a judge and jury if necessary.

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Since 1996, I have been responsible for bringing numerous cases to resolution in criminal and civil courts. I have built my 20-plus-year law practice with a commitment to quality results for my clients in state and federal courts and other legal venues such as administrative hearings.

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I begin every attorney-client relationship by listening carefully to my clients' perspectives and concerns. I treat every client with respect and compassion. These qualities have helped build a strong reputation for the Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation.

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No high-quality lawyer confines his or her representation to just one setting such as a traditional courtroom. I am committed to passionate, effective advocacy for clients in all venues and phases a case may go through such as:

  • Before a case goes to court, in pretrial negotiations or mediation
  • In front of a judge or jury in a California civil or criminal court
  • After a judge issues orders or sentencing, through enforcement actions, expungement petitions or appeals

Evidence of my negotiation, litigation and communication skills shows clearly in the sampling of criminal defense case results included on this website. Verdicts and negotiated agreements achieved through this law practice are not just successes for me and other legal professionals I have worked with. They are client victories — the ultimate goal of representation at Law Office of Bradley S. Sandler A Professional Corporation.

I will gladly share similar examples of my success in civil cases in the areas of family law and business law, including business litigation. I would also like to hear about the legal concern that has brought you to this website. Please call 310-246-3900 or send an email inquiry to discuss your case and explore strategies that can help you achieve the results you are looking for.